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This is a 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons game. The supplements used are all of the official Wizards of the Coast 4th ed stuff including all printed books and the Dragon and Dungeon online magazines. We play every other Saturday at a friends house.

Almost 100 years ago a Demon Lord found a way into the world. He enticed over a dozen arcane mages with promises of power and riches if they would create a portal for the demon lord to get his troops into the world. Little did each of these mages know that the demon lord was also dealing with the other mages. The demon lord found out through his agents about an ancient artifact from millennium long past called the Throne of Power. This throne when assembled and powered in the right place at precisely the right time could give the being sitting in it the power to become a god.

The Demon Lords forces came through the portals scattered around the continent and wrecked havoc on the inhabitants who were caught by surprise. After the initial huge gains by the demonic forces the races of good and even not so good who were facing certain destruction formed an un-easy alliance. There were nations from almost all of the know races involved and the war to stop the demons was fought for almost 25 years. The allied forces finally succeeded in driving the demonic forces back while special portal hunter-destroyer teams located and destroyed all of the portals that the demons were using to bring in fresh troops. Eventually the allied forces destroyed all of the demonic forces and all of the known portals were either destroyed or nullified. Or so they thought…

The toll that was taken on the allied forces left their civilizations decimated and most of their land were now overrun with demonic, fel, dire, and shadow creatures of all kinds. So most of them retreated far to the east behind the ShieldWall Mountains and there they began to rebuild a new society. Seventy five years later and the need to expand beyond the borders of the ShieldWall Mountains is at hand. The limited resources of the small swath of land in the safe area is no longer large enough to support the peoples of the all the races. Tensions are running high among some of the races and there is an expansionist movement to the “Old Frontier”.

The reclaiming of the lands that were once theirs is now at a peak and the call for mercenaries and adventures is a potentially very lucrative position. The players characters have answered that call and have all traveled to the Three-Towns area and have taken jobs as mercenary explorers for the Mayor of the town of Orlin.

Home Page

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