Half Elf Arch Mage


Raziat is a Half Elf with long dark hair and ice blue eyes. Despite his older age he has very few lines on his face and he seems to be in excellent shape. He has a very direct manner about him and yet still seems to be thoughtful and friendly. He does not take well to having his time waster or to being insulted.


Raziat was one of the apprentices of the Arch Wizard Numeshay. Raziat was also in one of the portal hunter destroyer groups in the First Demon War. He was in the group that Numeshay headed up himself. Up until the last 15 or so years Raziat was a close friend and collaborator of Numeshay’s, then Numeshay ceased almost all contact with the outside world. It was in his time durring the First Demon War that Raziat made a name for himself as a great wizard and a formidable ally to the races of good who stood against the Demons. He is known to be a foremost authority on portal magic of most kinds and is also an authority on summoning magic.

Raziat has a small tower almost two weeks travel to the south of the Three-Towns area, sitting between the southern edge of the Tu’Orvos forest and the Darklight Wetlands.


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