Little Blade

Female Halfling Assassin


Female Halfling Assassin Level 5


My name is Littleblade, It was given to me by a man I would grow to love and call my father. A man who trained me in the way of the Assassin. A man who gave me hope courage and reason to go on living.

Frightened and weak as a child after being imprisoned by Orks after my village was ambushed…. witnessing my parents slaughter and loosing my little brother in the pandemonium of panic that ensued.

For 15 years the hell of the Ork encampment was my home. This is where I met Kenji. He took me under is wing. He told me he was imprisoned for betraying Orks over something, he never did tell me what! He told me in his day he was an Assassin and he had skills that he could use to train me to survive this brutal place.

I was a fast learner, motivated and eager. He was my mentor and like him at a young age I hungered to learn more. He told me of a ritual that would make me more powerful than I ever thought I could be but to be so I had to pledge part of my soul to something called the Shadow Realm. Getting out of this place and finding my little brother was all I had thought about for years- so I took the pledge.

Two weeks before my 22nd birthday I was ready. Ready to make my escape. We had talked about it for years and now I was ready a plan was formulated and finally the day was here. Knowing this would be the last time I saw my father I gave him the only thing I had left from my birth parents…my leather wrist strap.

Kenji kissed me on the forehead and told me “whatever you do don’t look back, the future lies ahead, be brave my Littleblade” Kenji caused a distraction and several guards left there posts. I heard my father scream out but I remembered what he had said “whatever you do don’t look back” and after pausing for a moment swallowing back tears hard I braced myself for my escape. I put my years of secret training into action and I managed to overpower the remainder of the guards.

Further up the cave I saw daylight, the first I had seen since I was a child and then the wonderful smell of fresh air. It was an awesome sight but shrouded in a taint of guilt as I knew I had left my father behind.

Now I had to do what had driven me on for years. I knew my brother was alive. I had seen him in my dreams and now I could smell him on the breeze.

All my training had lead to this point…… To do whatever it takes to find my baby brother.

Little Blade

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